Handcrafted jewelry dishes that are a unique combination of organic, contemporary, and classic

Tidy Clutterings Design began spontaneously back in November of 2015, as a way for me to de-stress and create beautiful things at the same time. The idea of making my own jewelry storage greatly appealed to me, since I'm constantly leaving my jewelry (and bobby pins) all over the house where it doesn't belong. On a whim, I opened this Etsy shop and immediately thought of a name I liked- the dishes were a beautiful way to tidy my clutterings! In the fall of 2017, I found a new love in jewelry making and released my first line of earrings, and have been creating new jewelry designs ever since. My supporters and customers are the absolute greatest group of people, and it means SO much when someone supports my shop and original designs!

I'm a musician by trade, currently working on my doctorate in flute performance, but having Tidy Clutterings Design as a second creative outlet has become invaluable to me. I have a tattoo on the inside of my arm that says "vita brevis, ars longa-" It's a quote from Hippocrates that means "life is short, art is long." I'm very inspired by the thought that even though my life is a brief flicker in history, the art I create may have a lasting impact on others and the world around me. Rather than struggling to do something completely original that has never been done before (a losing battle where art is concerned, in my opinion), my goal is simply to make people happy with the aesthetics of what I can create, and maybe inspire others to start creating as well!

Polymer clay quickly became my favorite and most versatile medium to work with because of its durability, flexibility, light weight, and ability to look like a wide range of other materials including ceramics (without the hefty price tag and expensive equipment!). I operate as a one-woman shop, doing all of the brainstorming, crafting, painting, packaging and photography myself. As of right now, I only sell my dishes and jewelry via Etsy, but it's a future goal to expand into selling at craft fairs, local stores and farmer's markets.

Thank you for being a part of my creative journey!