Hi there- I'm so glad you're here. I'm Elyse, the maker behind Tidy Clutterings!

I founded Tidy Clutterings in 2015, and what originally began as a fun creative outlet has blossomed into a full-time adventure that I feel incredibly fulfilled to be embarking on. You can usually find me in my little home studio in Davis, California, where all of my pieces are individually designed, sculpted, stamped, baked, sanded, painted, and packaged by hand. I'm a classically trained musician by trade, with two (and a half) degrees in flute performance. My husband and business partner is also a professional musician, and a proud active duty member of the US Air Force (when he's not helping me with order fulfillment and packaging!).

I'm a strong believer in the confidence boosting power of looking + feeling put-together, and the influence that beautiful things can have on the mood and psyche.

When I began Tidy Clutterings, I was in search of a functional solution for keeping my home and workspace more organized in a way that was aesthetically pleasing, personal, and affordable- in essence, a way to tidy my clutterings! The marbled, customizable jewelry dish was born, and since then I have expanded to include a variety of other designs as well as one of a kind, feminine statement jewelry. The antithesis to mass produced, fast fashion items, Tidy Clutterings pieces embody attention to detail and serve as functional art- no two pieces are exactly alike. 

I enjoy mixed media and incorporating a variety of materials into my work, such as polymer clay, air-dry stone clay, polystyrene, fiber, and brass. Hours of labor and love go into each piece from start to finish, and it means so much to me that you support my brand and vision.